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Covid-19 has had a significant impact on the UK tech market. But Client Server is committed to providing exceptional service for exceptional candidates. Even in these difficult times, we remain driven by technology and powered by people. Our Covid-19 hub will provide up-to-date information about the way Coronavirus is affecting the market, advice for candidates looking for new jobs and companies looking to hire tech talent. 

What is Client Server doing? 

Client Server remains committed to finding exceptional candidates for exceptional organisations. To ensure the safety of our people, all teams are working from home, but remain contactable by their direct dial numbers and email during normal working hours. 

Our consultants are actively recruiting for roles across the whole technology sector, both permanent and contract. And our Business Development team is speaking to companies across the UK and Europe about how we can find them top technology talent. 

We will continue to update our Covid-19 Hub with the latest information affecting hiring in the UK technology market. If you have any questions, please contact us on 0207 090 2500 or 

What does the UK tech jobs market look like now? 

The tech market is still active, but much less so. Hiring businesses with a strong grasp of what they’re looking for and processes in place to manage recruitment will be in a strong position. 

Remote interviewing and on boarding have become essential – companies will need to have a process for executing this with the same degree of efficiency as they would interviewing and on boarding someone in person. 

Most hiring businesses are employing a two, sometimes three-stage interview process, with an initial telephone call, take home tech test/challenge (or video pairing session), and final video interview, with the candidate ‘meeting’ a minimum of three team members. 

We are finding businesses that tackle the virus upfront, and make candidates aware of their business’ plan, runway, funding and client base during the interview process, have a much better ratio when it comes to measuring CV – Interview – Offer – Hire percentages.

Client Server is uniquely placed to offer expert guidance and advice for managing recruitment during the Coronavirus pandemic. Contact us on 0207 090 2500 or email for more. 

Advice for candidates looking for work during the pandemic

This is a tough time for many in the tech industry. There is a great deal of uncertainty about what the economy will be like once we come through Covid-19.

Client Server continues to recruit for some of the most exciting an innovative companies in the UK and European tech markets. Many companies are planning to hire developers and non-dev team members. Start your search by visiting our extensive jobs page

Plus, there are things you can do both in the short and long term to build up your profile and stand out to employers. We explain four essential things all tech candidates should be doing to enhance their job prospects here

Essential resources

Client Server's blog is updated several times a week with advice, guidance and information. Relevant posts about the Coronavirus pandemic include:   

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