The Gender Challenge: What's Being Done?Posted almost 6 years ago by Client Server

The Gender Challenge: What’s being done?

The first ever computer programmer was a woman, however today the technology sector is dominated by men with only 17% of IT roles being filled by women within the UK alone. In light of this, it is a promising sign to see that there is an increasing amount of support and advice readily available to companies wanting to address their diversity issues and to women who are interested in embarking on a career in technology. Here are just a few of the amazing organisations that are on a mission to defeat the gender diversity issue and rebalance the tech industry.

Women in Tech

An award winning site dedicated to women who are already within or are looking to join the technology sector. The site has put together a range of guides and helpful articles that offer advice on a number of topics including writing a CV, preparing for an interview and equal pay and provides profiles on influential female technologists and information on networking events. The site has been credited with having gone above and beyond to help close the gender gap in technology.


WISE campaign for gender balance in Science, Technology and Engineering by providing B2B services to employers, educators and training providers to improve their gender balance. They acknowledge that organisations that lead the way on gender diversity often lead on performance and even profitability whilst those that ignore diversity often fall behind the competition.

Code First: Girls

A multi-award winning social enterprise that works with companies, men and women to help increase the number of women in tech through training and corporate activities. The organisation supports young adults and women to develop personal and professional skills including technical coding and programming skills through free community courses. As well as offering development opportunities, the organisation connects women to a community of other talented women in technology and helps companies train and recruit people, ensuring that they don’t miss out on great female tech talent!

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