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Client Server has been building technology teams since 1999 and the challenge of sourcing, attracting, engaging and securing diverse talent has never been more important.

The challenges are varied, from engaging A-Level (and even younger) students in STEM subjects, to supporting businesses to build a structure and support network so every member of their team can grow, regardless of background.

Diversity & Inclusion is something we are passionate about. We work with a number of different stakeholders to promote initiatives to improve the number of diverse people working in the tech sector.

Why should diversity matter to you?

Since we were founded, our clients—from big corporates like Bloomberg, Cisco and Apple, to growing start-ups like Starling Bank, 10x Banking, Deepmind and Swiftkey— are unanimous: Diverse and inclusive teams are most proficient when it comes to building software.

How can we help?

Data from stemwomen.co.uk shows that only 13% of Computer Science students are female, compared to 36% for Maths and 61% for biology. While female representation in STEM subjects is improving, Comp Sci in particular still lags far behind.

The story is similar for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic candidates, who make up only 18% of the current IT workforce, even though that about 28% of Computer Science graduates were BAME.

What we are doing

Job advertising: Our advertising team has more than 15 years’ experience in producing effective job listings for clients, ensuring all ads are gender neutral and free of bias. We also run advertising campaigns designed to attract a diverse range of candidates.

Partnerships: We are working with Women in Tech UK to share content and knowledge that promotes and celebrates diversity in the tech sector.

Talking Tech: Client Server’s series of blogs, interviews and discussions with senior technology leaders. The topics can be varied, but we have arranged a number of conversations specifically focused on Diversity & Inclusion.

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