The Big Q: Is it OK to meet up with recruiters?Posted over 5 years ago by Client Server

Welcome to the first edition of The Big Q. In this series, Client Server's team of consultants will answer some of the big questions techies have about finding jobs.

Is it OK to meet with recruiters when I'm happy in my current job?

I'm a developer and I’m happy with my current job. I often receive messages from recruiters on LinkedIn and email asking me to meet up or discuss new roles.

I'm happy to get a coffee but I don't want to endanger my job by talking to them, or waste their time if I'm not looking for a new job. What should I do?

Client Server's Infrastructure, Data QA & Information Security Team Lead Chris Hart says:

First off, you need to decide if you are in fact 100% happy in your current role, because if you are, then why would you consider meeting a recruiter for a coffee?

I understand that sometimes it gets to a point where you get so many messages that you feel like giving in and saying yes, but you may want to work out first why you are curious to hear what they have to offer. It may turn out you are not as happy or as satisfied in your current role as you thought.

But if you decide that you are open to something new for whatever reason, then yes, it is absolutely fine to meet with recruiters. Obviously, discretion is advised—I wouldn’t be advertising to your colleagues or boss that you are speaking with recruiters.

If you come to a decision that you are definitely happy where you are, then I would advise that you don’t meet any recruiters because they will see that as a buying signal and will try their best to tempt you with something new.

Basically, you need to work out your reasons for considering it the first place and go from there.

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