The UK needs the tech sector, and the tech sector needs recruitersPosted over 5 years ago by Michael Oliver

Here’s what I know about 2019 so far:

  1. It will be March before I can type “2019” without looking at the keyboard
  2. The gym is filled with people bearing the grim face of death
  3. And a huge chunk of humans will be looking for new jobs

Recruitment is no different. Consultants of all stripes will be kicking the tyres of their careers and contemplating their next step.

Amid swirling uncertainty about Brexit, one sector retains a positive outlook: technology.

The UK’s tech sector is worth a staggering £180 billion. London stands staunch as one of the top three tech hubs in the world, behind Silicon Valley and New York. A recent report from Tech Nation found the UK’s capital “has a disproportionately large market reach compared to its performance and funding.”

If the tech sector is to fly above its station, it needs a reliable source of talent. A demonstrable push towards curbing the sector’s gender gap will go some way to fixing this, from the classroom to the boardroom. On a case-by-case basis, business performance could grow as much as 30% by improving diversity in a traditionally male-dominated sphere.

You don’t need Masters in Applied Mathematics to run the numbers here: A bullish tech market needs talent more than ever.

This is where you come in .

Client Server prides itself on a unique approach to tech recruitment. Our split-desk model means our consultants specialise in particular sectors and tech niches. You can concentrate on the detail, becoming a market expert and trusted advisor.

This is what our clients trust us to do: provide intelligence and insight about the best tech talent. And, of course, we’re trusted to find people jobs that transform lives.

Client Server offers consultants a real opportunity to become an expert in a sector that is crying out for expertise. We remain committed to finding exceptional candidates for exceptional organisations – and we reward exceptional performance.

As the tech sector expands and demand for talent grows, Client Server will be there to meet that need. We’re powered by people, inward and outward. The chance to power your career in the most exciting industry is there .

And if I know anything else about 2019, it will be a year of opportunity. Come grab it.

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