The Big Q: Can I challenge the interviewer to give me proper technical feedback?Posted over 5 years ago by Client Server

I've just been through a technical interview and task. During the interview, I got the distinct impression the interviewers didn't know what they were talking about and lacked proper knowledge of the technical task. I don't want to work for a team lead with poor knowledge.

I want to ask for a full technical review of my tasks because I want to know if they know what they're doing. Is it weird to challenge the interviewer like this?

It's important to remember that team leads don't have to be able to do everything their team does. You can have a team lead who doesn't know their way around C# — but that doesn't mean they're poorly skilled or a bad manager.

Being a good developer is not a prerequisite for being a good manager.

So, your fears might not be justified. As long as your technical task is validated and judged to a satisfactory level, that's all that matters.

It's also important that you share this kind of feedback with your recruiter. They will be able to give you complete and honest feedback across the whole interview process.

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