The Big Q: How common is working overtime in software development?Posted about 5 years ago by Client Server

Question : I’m a recent comp-sci graduate and I’ve begun applying for graduate and junior software development roles. I’ve heard some horror stories about devs in particular industries working crazy hours and not having any life outside of work. How common is this?

Answer : There’s no hard and fast rule because there are so many variables in play. It depends on the company. It depends on the industry. It depends on the project. It just depends .

For many software developers overtime is common, particularly when project deadlines are looming. A systems developer for a bank could find themselves working unsociable hours (i.e. Midnight to 6 AM or Saturday morning) to minimise disruption to customers during a release. Others make themselves available 24/7 for troubleshooting, but remedial work can often be done remotely.

Many companies offer talented techies an extensive benefits package on top of a competitive basic salary – plus flexible hours and working from home. They know that in a candidate-driven market, flexibility is more important than ever – but it’s important you take stock and think about what’s important to you.

Motivation and aspiration are two of the biggest things Client Server’s recruitment consultants ask when talking to a candidate for the first time. By understanding what you want from a new role, we can sift through the options and find a job that works. We look at the whole picture, not just your CV. And knowing what kind of working environment you want is one of the most important elements.

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