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Full Stack: Tech news for the week ahead - 20 May 2019

Posted on 20/05/2019
by Client Server


Welcome to the first edition of Full Stack, Client Server’s weekly look at what’s happening in the world of tech.

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In the news:

How will Brexit affect the UK’s tech scene?

“Talent is a perennial issue for the UK tech scene…there simply aren’t enough people in London with the skills to fulfil the potential here.”’s Tom Fogden spoke with Russ Shaw, the founder of London Tech Advocates, about how the UK’s tech sector might navigate the challenges of a post-Brexit market.


Facebook open sources C++ F14 hash table

This came out late last month, but it’s too good not to mention. Facebook has open-sourced F14, a 14-way probing hash table within its open-source C++ library Folly.

According to ZDNet:

Facebook developers have created numerous hash table implementations each with its own strengths and weaknesses. With F14, Facebook developers Nathan Bronson and Xiao Shi claim, "The F14 hash tables outdo our previous specialized implementations while avoiding their pathologies. F14 is a good default -- usually a great choice and never a bad one, regardless of the use case."


What to consider when switching from Java to Kotlin? Google explains

Google has weighed in on whether Android developers should switch from building apps with Java to using Kotlin.

Google's tech lead for Android Studio Jeffrey van Gogh said the question had been raised by the announcement that Android development would become 'Kotlin-first'.

"But if you look at some other efforts, like our online training samples, we'll first do Kotlin and then the Java programming language will be 'best effort'. Then, of course, there are some features, like the multi-platform projects and [the UI toolkit] Jetpack Compose that are only going to be offered in Kotlin,” says Google’s tech lead for Android Studio Jeffrey van Gogh


5G speed test: 1.4Gbps in Chicago, but only if you do 'the 5G shuffle'

Tech blog TechRadar has been conducting a series of 5G speed tests at sites across the United States. Its latest looked at Verizon’s 5G network in Chicago using a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. The result?

“…we've been able to pull down consistent speeds topping 1Gbps. One of our 5G tests peaked at 1.385Gbps.”

Which sounds incredible, but comes with this added caveat:

“But to get these headline-worthy speeds, we had to basically move (or dance) around the 5G nodes that sit above lampposts on specific blocks in Chicago. It's reportedly the same in the only other US city with active Verizon 5G nodes, Minneapolis.”


Name your own price for this massive online coding class with 120 hours of content

Mashable has done would-be techies a real solid. For a limited time, its Legendary Learn to Code Bundle – “a massive online learning collection that features more than 120 hours of online training dedicated to coding” worth almost $2,346.99 US – at whatever price you want.


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