The Big Q: I spent most of my last job fixing bugs. How do I explain that on a CV?Posted about 5 years ago by Client Server

Q : I'm looking for a new job and I've hit a bit of a problem describing my achievements. I spent a large chunk of time at my last job fixing bugs. Most CV blogs and tutorials say you've got to emphasise your wins, but how would I do that?

A: As with anything CV related, there's more than one way to skin a cat. Think about the ways your bug-fixing expertise allowed a project to succeed. For example:

"Maintenance and support of project A, including major refactoring B modules to allow integration with C. This allowed the company to progress with MI reporting solution / comprehensive unit test framework / some other usefulness, resulting in a reduced total cost of ownership, a saving of approx £4 million."

Your CV is also an opportunity to talk about things you've achieved adjacent to your day-to-day. Did you teach anyone how to fix bugs? Have you been asked to present on those changes to other stakeholders?

Position your day-to-day in terms of larger business benefits.

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