Full Stack: 5 must-read tech links for your working week – 15 JulyPosted about 5 years ago by Client Server

Welcome to Full Stack, Client Server’s weekly serving of the best tech stories to start your working week.

Uber introduces code-free deep learning toolbox Ludwig

Uber has released its new open source, deep learning toolbox Ludwig. It “provides a set of model architectures that can be combined together to create an end-to-end model for a given use case,” and is built on top of TensorFlow .

Uber says the core design principles “baked into the toolbox” include:

  • No coding required : no coding skills are required to train a model and use it for obtaining predictions.
  • Generality : a new data type-based approach to deep learning model design that makes the tool usable across many different use cases.
  • Flexibility : experienced users have extensive control over model building and training, while newcomers will find it easy to use.
  • Extensibility : easy to add new model architecture and new feature data types.
  • Understandability : deep learning model internals are often considered black boxes, but we provide standard visualizations to understand their performance and compare their predictions.

There’s a really interesting discussion about the project over on the /r/programming Reddit

21 VSCode shortcuts to make coding faster

Dev.to user jsmanifest has written a fantastic post highlighting 21 shortcuts for those using VSCode. Check them out here.

And speaking of Dev.to, check out this developer’s Git tricks cheatsheet .

A look at Instagram’s architecture

How does Instagram manage to host billions of images? This exciting blog looks at the back end technologies powering the most popular photo social network.

A not-so-gentle introduction to systems programming in ATS

Following the recent surge in interest in secure memory management, there has been a kind of renaissance of type safe systems programming languages. Comcast’s Aditya Siram explains in this fascinating video how it comes together.

Ever wondered what Java with Python indentation looks like?

Wonder no more .

A real-time Visual Studio extension

You can now use this fantastic Visual Studio extension to automatically see – in real time – which files are being accessed by your teammates working within the same repository. Meet Coactive .

And from us – the latest issue of The Big Q sparked a lot of debate. Why can’t recruiters just send over a job spec?