“Do you need that box?” Why Client Server will never call itself a recruitment agencyPosted over 4 years ago by Nick Boulton

As Client Server approaches its 20 th anniversary, the recruitment market is one of the toughest I’ve seen. With political and economic headwinds, the course of good recruitment is getting harder to sail. But Client Server is uniquely placed to navigate any ocean – and it’s because we’re not an agency. We’re a consultancy .

Being a consultancy is not something we take lightly. It has cost us business, where we have told clients we are not the best company to help them. But it has also helped us forge some of the strongest working relationship we could wish for.

We do not take the ‘get-in-get-out’ approach of agencies looking to make a few quick placements then move on, or even worse, take their placements out of that client and onto the next.We strive to partner our clients, understand their needs, goals and ambitions, and then build a process and relationship that will allow us to support them through whatever needs they have.

A recruitment agency will help you tick boxes. A consultancy will advise if you even need a box.

At Client Server, we break down every facet of the recruitment process. We have technology split by verticals, with consultants focused purely on delivering exceptional candidates for exceptional organisations.

We have a recruitment and training team second to none, who focus on training and retaining the best talent for our business.

Our Marketing and Advertising Managers are specialists who only focus on marketing our business, advertising our jobs and striving to make our brand the strongest in the market.

We then support them through training and mentorship, ultimately empowering them to become the best in their field.

We are one of the best exponents of this in the UK, with heady ambitions to do it globally too.

I can hear the scoffs, tuts and sniggers already, followed quickly by the eye role and “we’ve heard that all before”.

Don’t get me wrong: we’re not perfect. We have had more than our fair share of mishaps and mismatches over the years, but they have shaped the way we do things at Client Server today.

And the market has responded.  We have a whole host of clients where we maintain #1 status on their PSLs year after year. In many of these organisations, we have placed between 200-350 high quality software developers, engineers, CTOs and more, so we must be doing something right.

But there is one major factor that makes us a consultancy and that is our people. We do what we say: we’re driven by technology, but powered by people.

People drive technology, people drive business and people drive success. The world may change, but people will need people. That’s more than any agency can deliver.