The Big Q: How honest should my interview feedback be?Posted almost 5 years ago by Client Server

Q : My recruiter always wants to know my feedback on any job interview I've had. But sometimes, the interview hasn't gone well. How honest should I be about it?

A: The short answer? As honest as you'd like, even if that means being negative.

Broadly speaking, we ask for three reasons:

1) We want your impressions of the company and who you met. Do you think you'd get along with them? How did you find the office? How was the commute?

2) Red flags - we need to know about them. Let's say the role has been advertised three times in a year. We would be able to fill in the blanks (i.e. the previous job holders might have been promoted)

3) We want to build a rapport. Maybe something comes up during the debrief that your recruiter didn't know about you, meaning that you're a better match for another role.

Honesty is the best policy. If you got a good vibe from an interview? Awesome. If not? Tell us. The more we know about what you want, the better position we are to place you in your dream job.