My Client Server story: Jack MorrowPosted over 4 years ago by Client Server

Jack Morrow is Consultant in Client Server's Testing team. He talks about what attracted him to the company and how his career has taken off.

What attracted you to Client Server?

  • When I first started looking for a job in recruitment, one of the key things I was looking for was training. I met with a few companies who spoke about unrealistic earnings with targets where they expected me to come in and start making deals immediately,despite not having any experience. Client Server was different, they offered a training scheme where they were going to put the time and effort in to making me a good consultant.

What success have you had here?

  • I managed to secure my first deal after two months. I had help through the process, but it was great to start making money straight away. That got the ball rolling and my first year ended up being a huge success. I managed to hit the Junior Consultant target after eight months and was promoted to a Consultant before the end of the year. I then won the famous “Rookie of the Year” award. Since then, I’ve gone from strength to strength, taking on more and more clients as well as being a mentor for fellow members of my team.

What does progression look like?

  • It’s pretty clear – you have a review every six months to analyse your performance with clear goals in mind to get promoted to the next level. Some people who want to go down the management route will have different targets to those who want to remain client/delivery focused.

What do you like about the  culture here?

  • The working environment is great. There are no egos, and we are driven as one team to succeed. We celebrate success together but also drag each other through when times are tough. On an open floor plan, everybody is available to help. From the Directors and Team Leads down to Junior Consultants – everyone is available to offer advice. We’ve moved to brand new offices this year, and the Directors want to give everybody the opportunity to succeed. We do regularly incentives and people enjoy having a beer or two with each other in the pub.

What keeps you here?

  • I enjoy coming into work, I have a loyalty to Client Server for what they have done for me and how they have taken me to the next level. I’m consistently being challenged to succeed even further, and not just stagnate.

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