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The Big Q: I'm not on social media - will that affect my job hunt?

Posted on 5/11/2019
by Client Server


Q: I'm a recent graduate applying for junior developer roles. For privacy reasons, I don't have any social media accounts. I'm even wary about joining LinkedIn and GitHub. Will this be an issue for future employers? 

A: Not having a social media presence is your decision and most employers will respect that (most won't even ask). 

But you're missing a trick by not having a presence on GitHub

GitHub is a great site for showcasing your software development skills. It doesn't ask for a profile picture or for you to even use your real name. But we would recommend using it and including a link to it in any application you make. It gives potential employers a sense of what you can do and that you have an interest in coding beyond the 9-5. Think of it as a digital booster shot for your application. 

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