The Big Q: What's the best portfolio for a web developer?Posted over 4 years ago by Client Server

Q : I am a software developer looking to showcase my work. What's the best way of showing the code I've written and the projects I've worked on?

A : It can be tricky presenting the work you've done when so much of what you do is 'in the background'. But rather than setting up a blog and posting streams and streams of code without context. But there are two great ways you can present your work without going overboard

1. Open source projects: Start contributing to a project - GitHub was made exactly for this reason - or release a small program for free. Post the source on GitHub or someone where similar and list it on your CV as such.

2. Non-open source: Do the same as above but provide the source on request or include it with applications, etc.

3. Consider blogging your process: Your blog doesn't need to be pages upon pages of code; you can use it as a release notes repository. Explain what you've achieved with your specific projects, any issues you've encountered and how you've overcome them. The "What challenges have you overcome?" question is very common in tech interviews, so it doesn't hurt to get some practice in.

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