My Client Server Story: Adam SuttonPosted over 4 years ago by Client Server

Adam Sutton is the Team Lead of Client Server's Regional Team based in Esher. The CSR team recruit for tech roles beyond the M25, including Cambridge, Surrey, Edinburgh and more.

What attracted you to Client Server?

  • I joined straight from university and at the time, wasn’t interview hardened. I’d had a few interviews with other recruitment companies and Client Server really stood out. It was immediately clear that the business was mature and put emphasis on the right things (NOT just KPIs and how late I would stay each night). I thought it was somewhere I could develop as a professional and be treated like an adult, at the time, an important factor for me following my studies. Plus, there were really nice Esher offices and a really happy workforce.

What has success looked like for you?

  • Not the easiest question to answer. I’ve been here for 7.5 years and I lead a team of seven consultants. I’ve progressed at a good rate and have always been rewarded for good performance. I’m proud to have started the company's Regional Team, focusing on our clients outside London, and have been fortunate that the business has allowed me that opportunity. From a standing start, we’ve become one of Client Server’s most successful and highest grossing teams in three years – long may that continue!

What's the culture like at Client Server?

  • We’re mature here – that’s the best way I can explain it. We don’t sweat the small stuff (my team may disagree!) and are more focused on results and good quality work. We like to have fun and no-one takes themselves too seriously, which I think is important in such a pressurised and stressful sales environment. We genuinely care about doing a good job for our clients, and I’d say that the integrity level at Client Server is really high. It’s a flat structure and everyone makes times for everyone else, there’s no boundaries for conversation.

What keeps you here?

  • The ambition of the business and my five minute commute. (Jokes... kind of.)

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