5 Recruitment Myths BustedPosted over 4 years ago by Nick Boulton

The aim of this week’s blog is to dispel five myths that seem to plague our industry time and time again.

Myth #1: Recruitment is just a boys club

This one really gets my goat. It’s a relic from the past that most modern recruitment businesses are working hard to shake off. I don’t know of any company that’s not trying to make equality and diversity a priority.

I actually think women make better recruiters than their male counterparts – and that might ruffle some feathers. Women are more empathetic and better at building a rapport, both essential ingredients in building relationships. It’s no surprise that a diverse workforce will seek out new ideas and ways of doing things. That only makes our industry stronger.

Myth #2: It’s spray-and-pray when it comes to CV sending

Ah, my nemesis. We meet again.

Spray-and-pray CV senders go hand in hand with tick box recruiters, dictators, poachers, fascists and a whole host of other oxygen thieves on this planet.

Providing value for money and enhancing, helping or enriching someone’s experience of recruitment must be the goal. That is why Client Server has a ‘split desk model’. We have spent more than 20 years ensuring our consultants are knowledgeable, credible and understand the nuances of the tech industry and recruitment’s role within it. We’re not in the business of throwing ‘Hail Marys’ – we aim to understand the needs of both clients and candidates. (Shock! Actual recruitment!)

Myth 3: New recruiters get tossed in the deep end

We are the antithesis of this as a company. We don’t believe in giving eager, fresh faced little ‘newbies’ a phone, a desk, a computer and call list on day one. It simply doesn’t work. No matter how many times their managers justify that with “In my day…” or, even worse, by quoting ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’.

Unless you equip new consultants with the right tools and the support of more experienced consultants, then you are setting them up to fail. Full stop.

Our exceptional team of internal recruitment and training consultants deliver on this. With a training program second to none and teammates ready to help, we give our new team members every opportunity to succeed.

Myth 4: Recruitment is not a career…WTF?

This again ?! Tell that to my Senior Management team or Team Leaders, most of who cut their teeth at Client Server. Recruitment can be one of the most rewarding, satisfying but frustrating careers out there.

You will learn sales technique, people skills, management, the art of negotiation and a whole host of other skills. The career path is all about who you join, if you like the sound of training, progression, promotion, autonomy, and opportunity, then Client Server is the place for you. Not to mention the uncapped commission, incentives, parties, the list goes on. A career you won’t look back on.

Myth 5: New recruiters are going to get ‘snaked’ by more experienced consultants

This couldn’t be further from the truth. At Client Server, building teams that grow, scale and succeed together is paramount. Our ethos is built around “Client Server Citizenship” – after all, we’re driven by technology but powered by people.

It bears repeating – when you join us, you join a team. I judge the success of our managers and leaders by the success of their most junior team members.

Recruitment is an exciting dynamic industry, where success is rewarded, lives are changed, companies are built and careers are forged.

All I can say – it’s a decent way to earn a living.