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Best cities in Germany to work in the tech industry

Posted on 22/01/2020
by Client Server


For many software developers, Europe remains an attractive place to launch their careers. A recent survey found that the highest proportion of software engineers and techies wanted to move to Europe (38%). While the UK was the most desirable location within Europe, many technologists and developers were looking to Germany to take their careers higher.

There are many reasons why working in Germany would be an attractive option for those in the tech industry. On average, Germanys work 20% less than full time UK workers; employees in Germany are entitled to parental leave until a child turns three; Homes in commutable locations that are in or close to the countryside are 2230 Euros per square metre, which is roughly £800 less than the average price in the UK, and visa applications in Germany (for Blue Cards) are comparatively easier than those for the UK.

For software engineers looking to relocate to Germany, there are plenty of Germany cities that will cater to those looking to grow their tech careers. We have profiled four German tech destinations and why they're great places for software developers.


Berlin's tech ecosystem is booming. According to Gruenden, a startup is founded every 20 minutes in the German capital - and that's only part of the good news.

Software developers and engineers looking to enjoy Berlin's hip and bohemian lifestyle can also benefit from:

* 67% of all German startups are in Berlin

* Startup Genome values the Berlin tech eco system at almost 20b Euros

* McKinsey estimates Berlin startups will generate close to 100,000 jobs by the end of 2020/

Developers and technologists will benefit from Berlin's burgeoning fintech, digital health, AI, food technology and cyber security industries. And while competition is strong, the German Labour Office estimates that the country will need six million highly-skilled employees, two million of which will need to immigrate to Germany.

The cost of living in Berlin is 43% lower than London, with the Berlin rent cap prohibiting raising rent prices by more than 10% of the area average.

Plus, Berlin’s dazzling culture and vibrant nightlife will appeal to software developers from all walks of life.

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Munich is more than Berlin’s little brother – it’s an exciting tech hub in its own right.

While Berlin offers software developers and engineers a great creative community for young entrepreneurs and startups, Munich is the German city where business gets done.

A report in 2017 by consulting firm EY noted that 7.9 per cent of venture capital raised in Germany makes its way to Munich. But Munich arguably offers a more mature and establish tech eco system for technologists, from AR to deep tech to mobility startups setting up shop in the city.

Thanks to the tech talent and its local universities, Munich has also been a big draw for U.S. tech companies. Those with offices in the region include Adobe, Amazon, Cisco, Google, Hewlett Packard, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, and RedHat.

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Hamburg has a fantastic reputation for being a beautiful green city that oozes creativity – and for architectural enthusiasts, it boasts more than 2,500 bridges!

But Hamburg is also home to a thriving tech scene, with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Airbnb and Yelp all setting up headquarters in Germany’s wealthiest city.

In fact, a report in 2017 found that Hamburg “had outstripped Berlin for the most new business founders per capita”.

Hamburg’s tech industry generates close to 4 billion Euros every year, with the city supporting a private initiative  

Perhaps the most appealing aspect about Hamburg’s tech ecosystem is its thriving game industry. It has grown to become “Europe’s leader in free-to-play and browser game development,” employing close to 5,000 people. The gaming industry in Hamburg is also attracting its fair share of foreign investment, following Chinese game publisher Youzu acquiring Hamburg-based Goodpoint for 80 million Euros in 2016. Plus, Hamburg is home to a number of independent gaming studios, including RockFish Games and Sinceldea Games.

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Frankfurt is known has Germany’s business capital, but also boasts a powerful digital innovation hub which many software developer and engineers would find appealing.

The city is home to a number of major financial institutions such as the European Central Bank, the Bundesbank, the German Stock Exchange and more than 70,000 people employed in its financial centre.

When it comes to tech start-ups, Frankfurt has had its share of breakthrough successes, such as BuyVIP, which was acquired by Amazon, and Fintech 360T, Germany’s largest start-up exit, which was acquired by Deutsche Boerse in 2015 for $796m US.

Germany is expected to expand its market size in the FinTech area to €58 billion by 2020, according to a study by the German Finance Ministry.

“The FinTech market in Germany shows a high growth and development potential,” the study stated.

Frankfurt hopes to be at the forefront of this with projects run by establishments like Deutsche Börse aiming to bring about better access to the stock market and more investors for startups

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