My Client Server Story: Adam JuckesPosted over 4 years ago by Client Server

Adam Juckes is our Java team lead. He talks about what inspired him to join Client Server and what progress looks like.

I was attracted to Client Server because of the consultative approach that we take with both clients and candidates. Having joined the company nearly 11 years ago, I have seen year on year growth whilst never losing the core values that act as the pillar on which the business is built.

The opportunity to grow with the business was clear from day one, with no limit on the speed or level of progression possible. Having previously been in a military, the opportunity to control my own destiny was hugely appealing. Having started at Client Server as a trainee with no previous sales or recruitment experience, I now manage multiple key accounts and a team of eight billing consultants.

We have built an environment both physical and emotional that is designed to get the best out of consultants of all levels, from our newly-designed London office, to the training and support structures put in place by senior management and internal team.

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