The Big Q: My manager isn't handling my resignation well. What should I do?Posted about 4 years ago by Client Server

Q : I have recently accepted a new offer with another company. I've done everything by the book: I reviewed their tech stack, their work culture, their future timelines and career progression and moving is the right move for me.

After talking with my recruiter, I assured them that my resignation would go off without a hitch, but in reality it was a different story.

My manager didn't handle it well at all. He lashed out and said I was putting his reputation and our team's reputation at risk by leaving. He then started making promises about moving into new projects and that I would regret leaving now.

I'm probably over-thinking this, but what should I do?

A : There is no accounting for how other people will react. It's unfortunarte your manager has decided respond this way, but it has no bearing on your decision and your future role with your new company. His reaction speaks more about him than you.

One of the many things we advise candidates to be wary is the counter-offer. This is often about the company thinking its best interests than yours. ( We've written a guide for dealing with counter-offers here. )

Just remember that you sought out a new role for a variety of reasons and that you're moving on because it is in your best interests. Good luck with your new role!