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Three great mental health resources for the UK tech industry

Posted on 20/01/2020
by Client Server


While the science behind Blue Monday is suspect to say the least, there is never a bad time to talk about mental health. A recent survey by BIMA found that 52% of members of the UK tech community had suffered from depression or anxiety. It shows that mental health is an important topic, regardless of what day in January it is.

A generous estimate holds that there are more than 10,000 smartphone apps dedicated to health. They are by no means substitutes for professional mental health care, many apps offer a way of bringing mental wellbeing to light.

Here are three online resources the tech industry can use to start the mental health conversation.


Work is one of the biggest triggers for mental health issues. Unmind provides a confidential desktop and smartphone platform that techies can access at any time. It features tools, exercises, assessments and insights across the full mental health gambit. Unmind was started by a clinical psychologist who believes that a lack of funding and human resources means that our health services are not always able to effectively offer early intervention to those suffering. The company has already partnered up with global organisations like Barclays, Deloitte, Absa Capital and Bostik.

Hub of Hope

Accessing professional mental health services can be stressful. Private treatment can be expensive and the waiting lists for NHS-funded services are often long. That’s why mental health charity Chasing the Stigma launched the Hub of Hope. Hub of Hope is a national database of mental health support groups. You can use your smartphone’s location to find a group closest to you and the times they are available.


One of the biggest stigmas for many people suffering mental health issues is feeling like nobody else understands how you feel. HealthUnlocked aims to break down those barriers. Described as a kind of ‘Mumsnet of the mind’, it’s an online community which helps people find others with similar health backgrounds. HealthUnlocked has the backing of a number of big institutions, including NHS England.

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