The Big Q: Should I tell my recruiter that I'm in the final interview with another company?Posted over 4 years ago by Client Server

Q : I'm a Python developer in the middle of a job hunt. A recruiter has gotten me through to the second round of interviews at a really interesting company, but I'm through to the final stage at another company. I'm thinking of just seeing how this plays out, but my friend says I should tell the recruiter about the other company. What should I do?

A : Even though you're in the latter stages of a job search, it's important you keep your recruiter up to date with any changes to your situation. Not only is it polite - they're spending their time to help you - but it will often work in your favour.

If your recruiter knows you're at the final stage of another job, but you've told them you love their job, they can help facilitate things between you and the company. They'll act as your liaison, keeping both sides abreast of your situation.

For example, a recruiter can tell the company that you're interviewing elsewhere and if they want to secure your services, they need to provide timely feedback or expedite the hiring process.

But should you receive an offer from the other company, don't feel rushed to give a response. It's entirely acceptable to take up to five working days to consider a job offer. If you keep your recruiter informed of any movements there, they will be able to work better on your behalf. That will allow you time to consider your options completely.