The Big Q: Will my salary be less if I find a job through a recruitment company?Posted about 4 years ago by Client Server

Q : I'm a Java developer looking for a new job. It's been a few years since I've been on the market, so there are things I need to brush up on, like interviewing and CV prep. A friend of mine who's also a developer recommended I talk to a recruiter, but I heard that if a recruiter finds you a job, your new company docks part of your salary to pay their fee.

Will working with a recruiter mean my salary is lower?

A : This is a question we get asked a lot, particularly by developers who are from outside the UK. But the short answer is " No !"

There are many reasons why companies use recruitment consultancies for hiring. One of the main reasons is that companies save time and money by outsourcing aspects of the hiring process.

The company and the recruiter will agree to terms of business before they start working together. That agreement will include how much the company will pay the recruiter for a successful hire.

For example, a company and a recruiter agree to terms that include a 10% fee. If the company is hiring for a job with a salary of £50,000, they will pay the recruiter £5,000 if they hire an individual through them. This fee is a business transaction between the company and the recruiter . It does NOT get deducted from the individual's salary.

At Client Server, we advertise roles across a wide range of job boards and networking websites, process every application, interview every candidate, and conduct relevant technical tests. The fee we get paid for each hire accounts for the time and effort needed to do this to find the right person for a job. Many of our clients will have their own processes for assessing candidates, but they ask us to do a lot of the initial work.

Our goal is to try and help you find a job you'll love with a great salary and awesome benefits. The only cost to you is your time and effort.