Why Client Server is buying Rolex watchesPosted over 4 years ago by Nick Boulton

It was with tremendous pride that I awarded our first employee, Peter Kovacs, a Rolex for 15 years’ service. I thought it’s worth elaborating why and explaining to the haters why this isn’t just “typical recruitment”.

We have always had a different approach, whether it’s the way we do our job, the service we provide our clients and candidates, or how we treat our staff. It’s never been a get in, get out, make a quick buck and move on business.

We have always been about building and nurturing relationships, and then allowing them to flourish. I think this is why we have such longevity with clients and candidates.  People return to us for advice, or finding their next job or just a pep talk. That sense of value is – importantly - why we have such great retention and loyalty from our staff.

Most recruitment companies hand out these type of awards based on some ‘magical sales figure’.  Essentially, it’s unattainable for most sales consultants (if not all other members of staff). Plus, it’s just seen as another reward for the already wealthy ones, adding fuel to the idea that all successful recruitment consultants are flashy @£%&’s!

Our idea was to make this award open to everyone at Client Server, no matter what their title is, or what job they perform. What we want it to stand for is loyalty, a massive thank you for putting in a serious shift and a job well done. Something everyone can be proud of and something you keep for ever, possibly even hand on to children or grandchildren.

It might sound soppy, but we are trying create something different at Client Server. We want a brand that is recognised for more than just recruitment, we want to represent:

  • Commitment
  • Endeavour
  • Integrity
  • Quality

These are core values and symbols of who we are and what we strive for.

Whether it’s economic recessions, general elections, Brexit, IR35 or just some of the cowboys in our industry, the recruitment world comes under a lot of fire. Sometimes it just nice to sit back, reflect on a great achievement and say thank you for a good job, pushing through thick and thin, and most importantly, being loyal over so many years,

I can’t wait for our next employee to reach this milestone – and the exciting thing is, we have a few coming up over the next couple of years!

We are driven by technology BUT powered by people!

(Have no fear, I will return to bashing some poor topic to death next week .)