COVID-19 won't stop Client Sever from doing good workPosted about 4 years ago by Nick Boulton

Sitting at home trying to get into the new groove of work is challenging, to say the least.

Running a business, motivating a team, generating revenue and home schooling three children has tested these old bones to the limit. But I’m pleased to say I won’t let the Coronavirus beat me or Client Server.

Even if I have to drag us kicking and screaming through the COVID-19 gates of Hell, we will triumph over this.

How can you be so confident, you might ask? A valid question.

In just three short days, we have transformed our business, largely due to the incredible work of my business partner David Kerr. David has put in a herculean effort to get us all up and running, from a completely office-bound work force, to completely WFH. A huge testament to our adaptability and resilience.

My initial fears of productivity falling, output tanking and just a general malaise have been put to bed by our team of superb Team Leads and Managers. They have their teams performing like fine-tuned athletes, despite the huge drop off in jobs.

Overwhelming positivity in the face of adversity has made me truly proud of all our staff at Client Server. I get a real sense that we are all in this together and we will beat it.

But we’re under no delusions about how hard this will be. The initial shock has sent a lot of clients running for the hills, pulling jobs, interviews and worst of all, offers!

As we come to wrestle with the new “normal” I think businesses will realise one key thing: the wheels of industry need to keep turning if we are all to survive this. There are still plenty of opportunities for the business which adapts and moves with the situation.

To our clients – and future clients – here’s a piece of insight I’m happy to share for nothing: It’s never been easier to get hold of amazing candidates, never have people been willing to discuss opportunities, and never has it been easier to organise interviews.

In fact, businesses who are striving ahead and adapting to fully remote interview processes, as well as onboarding and starting new starters at home, are in particularly high demand.

Candidates want to work for businesses who are flexible and adaptable, it makes them a very attractive proposition. This ultimately means those businesses have the pick of the crop.

So, despite the world seemingly falling apart around us, I’m positive about our future. We have an outstanding team, a united company and people who want to get things done.

If you are hiring, thinking about hiring or just want to discuss what the current market landscape now looks like, give us a call.

Client Server’s doors are firmly open for business!