Explaining remote onboardingPosted about 4 years ago by Chris Hart

Self-isolation, social-distancing and Covid-19 were not a part of my vocabulary six months ago. They were not part of anyone’s vocabulary. Yet, today, we can’t stop talking about it. And for those in the recruitment and hiring sector, remote onboarding has joined that list.

Remote onboarding isn’t new. People have been working from home and remotely for years, in some cases from the first day on the job. With the way things are right now, it’s become ‘the new normal’ – a necessity.

Remote onboarding is essentially completing the recruitment process remotely from interview to your first day. As this pesky virus has been spreading like wildfire, society has had to adjust, and adjust very quickly, with businesses, especially those that do not have the facilities to allow people to work from home, have been hit hard. It has also had a huge effect on the Recruitment industry, if we can’t interact with other people, then how can we interview? This has caused lots of companies to put a complete freeze on hiring altogether.

This is where remote onboarding steps in. Not every company can facilitate this process, but with today’s modern technology, it is at least keeping the hiring process alive.

Like any other recruitment business, we have seen and felt the effects of this virus with some clients putting all hiring processes on complete hold. Although, we have also had plenty of clients adapt and adopt the remote onboarding model, which is working, and working well.

This could go on for long time, it could also blow over in a matter of weeks, but the former is more likely than the latter. Companies need to adapt, and adapt fast. Business needs to continue and companies still need to hire. If you have the facilities, but lack the knowledge or are unwilling to try something new in the current climate, then your business may become a casualty.

We are educating and consulting with all of our clients on how they can bring the remote onboarding model into their business and make it part of everyday life.

There is an abundance of talent out there right now, it would be a shame to miss out. If you need help or want to discuss how to adapt your hiring processes then get in touch with any of the team here at Client Server and we can talk you through it.

Image: Freepik.com