The Big Q: Should I wait for the Coronavirus pandemic to pass before starting a job search?Posted about 4 years ago by Client Server

Q : I'm an embedded software engineer and had no problems finding a job after I graduated. Then COVID-19 struck, and all of us working at the office had to work from home. A week later, I received a letter telling me my contract would be terminated.

I know it's hard to predict, because a pandemic of this size is unprecedented, but should I expect changes in the job market in the near future? Should I hold fire on a job hunt?

A : The only thing certain about the Coronavirus pandemic is how uncertain everything is - and that is certainly true for the jobs market.

Losing your job now is tough, and there are many developers and engineers who are feeling the pinch. But there are still companies who are looking to hire talented techies and have adapted their application processes to suit the current environment.

The upshot is you shouldn't wait around - you can start making positive steps today. We have a number of great jobs on our website from clients who are eager to interview, offer and onboard candidates remotely.

Amid the uncertainty, take a definite step towards growing your career.