The Big Q: Why is interview feedback taking so long?Posted about 4 years ago by Client Server

Q : I'm a security analyst looking for a new job in London. I've been working with a recruitment company who have sent me on a remote video interview with a start-up and that looked really promising. (They're working on interesting projects, use the latest tech, etc.)

The problem is they're taking a really long time to deliver feedback. What's going on? Should I be concerned?

A : There are a myriad of reasons why a company can't deliver speedy feedback. Covid-19 has disrupted the hiring process for many organisations, so the usual channels of communication might not be as effective as usual. Candidates must take that into consideration.

The majority of hiring teams recognise how important feedback is for candidates when they're weighing up multiple jobs. Slow feedback creates uncertainity which companies are keen to avoid. As a sign of respect for your time and efforts, they will endeavour to feedback as fast as possible.

At Client Server, we believe feedback is a critical step in the recruitment process. Our consultants are instructed to deliver and receive feedback on your interview as soon as possible. We realise that relevant feedback could be the difference between you accepting one role over the other. We would be doing both you and our clients a disservice if we didn't keep you both abreast of what's happening.

In these difficult times, delays are likely. But your first port of all when seeking feedback should be your recruitment consultant. They are there to work on your behalf -- it's in their interest to keep you as informed as possible. Make sure you talk to your consultant shortly after every interview and keep them in the loop with any changes. The more information they have, the better your feedback will be.