The Big Q: What's important when tracking bugs?Posted about 4 years ago by Client Server

Q : I'm looking for a new role now and one of the things I want to ask prospective employers about is how they track bugs. What should I ask about?

A : It's fair to say without an organised bug database, a team will probably be shipping low quality code. If mitigating bugs is a big thing for you - and it should be - there are steps most teams will record which you can ask about.

1) Do they replicate the steps taken to produce the bug?
2) Do the record the expected behaviour?
3) Do they observe what the buggy behaviour is?
4) Do they record who is assigned to fix the bug?
5) What steps do they take to ensure the bug has been fixed or not?

A bug database can be detailed or as simple as the steps described above. The important thing is that there is a process and it's adhered to.