Why hiring managers should tune into our Talking Tech webinarPosted about 4 years ago by Nick Boulton

Having spent so long working from home, I have really started to appreciate the importance of communication.

If you had asked me pre lockdown: “Would you say Client Servers communication is good, both internally and externally?”

I would have unequivocally answered “YES”.

What I have come to realise is that we fell well short of the mark – and not for lack of trying or because we missed things out – but because communication is complex, often misunderstood, misinterpreted and multi-layered.

If I was completely objective, I would say our internal communication hasn’t been too bad. What we’ve lacked was constant communication from the top down, rather than it being passed through management channels.

Certain things are still best communicated through a management team, but having a platform for people to ask questions about our business, their futures and opportunities, as well as keeping everyone informed is vital to our success.

With this in mind, it got me thinking about the way we speak to clients and candidates alike. It’s been ok, but nobody reaches the top by being ‘ok’. Our Jellyfish tech meetups have always been a good communication platform in the past, but have been sorely missed during lockdown.

So, how can we leverage the market insight and intel we have been gathering and share it with the outside world…..?

[insert-pensive-picture-of-me-thinking] or more appropriately, small hamster on a wheel spinning really fast….

We’ve started by doing some simple things well. Our genius marketing team, headed up by Mikey Oliver and ably supported by his superhero sidekick Jodene Adjei , suggested doing a ‘live’ webinar.

What a great idea!

Luckily we have managed to persuade Dom Harvey, Commercial Director at CWJobs , who we have a great working relationships with, to be our first guest, on what we hope will become a regular “Talking Tech” slot.

The first Talking Talk Tech, taking place next Wednesday at 12pm , is focused on a question we’re grappling with a lot:

“What Jobseekers want right now?”

This is one of the most challenging times for potential employers. Not only do they have to work through a remote process, which can include;

  • full interview process
  • offers
  • on-boarding
  • training
  • potentially couriering equipment to new employees
  • And a lot more…

But they also face a huge battle - in a massively competitive market – to secure the best talent!

As more companies realise the world is still turning, technology’s progression is halted by nobody, and if you want to stay ahead of you competition, you need to be hiring the best people and that begins now!

So what are we proposing?

A live session, where Dom and I we will share our insight of the market and also attempt to answer any questions you might have as a potential employer, about the challenges and pitfalls you face in this market.

I think the more information and experiences we can share during these difficult times, the better chance we all have of securing the top talent and being successful.

Come and join us.


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