How recruiters can win as lockdown easesPosted about 4 years ago by Nick Boulton

Lockdown may be easing, but we are still looking down the barrel of a recession, record unemployment and no clear timeline for when our lives will be back to normality.

The pandemic has brought completely unexpected constraints along with its global devastation and fear about how you approach the market. How do you recruit in the current climate?

First of all, believe that there is opportunity out there.

What this market has provided is an unprecedented level of talent. This could be one of the best possible times to hire if you can get your shit together.

Recruiters must move quickly to redefine how they will function in a post-Covid era and capitalise on this window of opportunity. Here are a few things you should be thinking about:


If you don’t believe in your own ability, how do you expect clients or candidates to trust you in one of the most turbulent markets? Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t come without hard work, but as Warren Buffet said: “The most important investment you can make is in yourself”


Make the most of every moment you have. Scheduling interviews has never been easier, people are working at home, are flexible on availability, and you need to take advantage of this fast! Now is not the time to be sitting around topping up your tan, now is the time to be building your network of quality candidates primed and ready to go at the first sign of a suitable vacancy.

Candidate Engagement

One of the biggest strengths of a good recruiter is to keep candidates engaged through the entire process.

Hiring processes have changed – they take longer, clients change their minds more than ever before and competition for roles is hot. Make sure you are keeping your candidates informed all of the time. No feedback? So what! Update them, don’t leave them hanging on. Empathise, sympathise do whatever-ise it takes to keep them engaged. Don’t ignore them and remember, this is a hugely stressful time to be looking for a job.

Geographical location

Travelling is no longer a factor in the process. Companies will be able to expand the geographical locations they are looking to source new employees. While getting someone to relocate may still been an issue long term, the candidate radius has grown and may lead to a more suitable hire which was not possible before. Spread your search far and wide – the technological fit is going to be far more important than the location.


Separate yourself from the pack. Never has it been a better time to show how good you are and actually practice what you have preached for so many years. You’re a consultant, you say? So go consultant, add value and deliver on what you say you will, show your clients why they engaged with you in the first place.

The light of the tunnel may be visible but none of us know how long this tunnel is going to be. Invest in your time wisely, keep your head down and work hard, but above all else, believe in your own ability as a quality recruitment consultant. Class will always win out at the end of the day.

Nick Boulton is a Managing Director at Client Server.