Matt Challis: My Client Server StoryPosted about 4 years ago by Client Server

I’ve been in recruitment for nearly 20 years. Recruitment isn’t just a job for me it’s a lifestyle. Even though everyone is entitled to their opinion, I hope I’ve shown my family and friends that we aren’t as bad as you think. I’ve helped 100s of people into jobs that they love and that gives me such a buzz. Along with being a family man, I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.

I didn’t start my career journey in recruitment, I worked in an architecture firm for four and a half years after I left school. But it introduced me into the life of work. Looking back, I spent too long in one company but it taught me about commitment and hard work.

At the time I had a few friends in recruitment who thought I would be good at it. So I joined one of them at a healthcare recruitment company in Essex as a Recruitment Consultant. It was close to home, a new industry and I could learning a lot. Within 18-months I was headhunted to join another healthcare recruitment company in Essex and stayed for four and a half years.

I wanted to get back into London so I joined a firm who placed DevOps and Analysts into hedge fund and investment companies. After, I moved to a smaller recruitment company whose clients were in advertising to set up their tech desk and stayed for ten years building the department #loyal.

I had been there so long that I wasn’t being challenged, so when I was approached by the Internal Recruitment team from Client Server on LinkedIn I jumped at the opportunity. I must admit, I missed the first message. But they got me on the second one. Luckily before I resigned from my old job I was made redundant so I took some time off to spend with my family before starting at Client Server in September 2018.

My first three months were really challenging. It was difficult for me to jump from being a part of the furniture to a new company with an established team that I had to lead. However, I always felt supported and the fact that I’m still here is an achievement.

I’ve worked delivery and 360 roles, but I’ve never worked in a company that has an extensive database, an advertising team to write your job ads, an admin team that filters your CVs and account managers that bring in new business. The resources are incredible and doesn’t detract you from finding the right candidate. Once I managed to get my head around the systems and how Client Server works, I realised that there are a lot of opportunities to be had. My target is to climb the ladder into senior management and be on the share scheme within the next five years. This is attainable for anyone.

Some might class me as one of the ‘older ones’ who is experienced and mature…most of the time. It’s my job to mentor and lead, so I try and impart some wisdom onto them and it’s a pleasure to watch them grow. Krishan is a great example, we started at the same time, he had no previous recruitment experience, but last year, he was above target and again this year. It’s a great feeling to know that you’ve directly helped someone get to where they are now.

Like I said, this is a lifestyle. I will continue to make sure my team is successful and will continue to grow the team – we welcomed our newest member Onur last week! Despite the effects of the pandemic, we have to keep on going and see what’s next.