The Big Q: How do I show that I'm interested during a job interview?Posted almost 4 years ago by Client Server

Q : I'm a dev who's had bad luck with interviewing. Despite actually applying for a job and having all the necessary skills, I dip out at the interview stage because I seem "uninterested" in the role. The fact that I applied for the role AND showed up for the interview should be proof enough that I'm interested, right?

A : Well, no. You've shown the bare minimum needed for the company not to cut the interview short and show you the door. Demonstrating "interest" in a job is about more than turning up - it's about engaging with the process.

During the interview, you will be told about the projects your prospective team is working on. They will cover techstack, methodologies, outputs and broader company goals. This isn't just to fill you in on the details - it's a chance for you to express your interest more directly.

And it's actually really easy to do. If the team lead talks about a particular technology you find interesting, then say so! "Yeah, that's really interesting. What was the reason for using that?" or "I've used that in the past and enjoyed it a lot. I really like how you can..."

Ask questions about their projects and processes, quiz them on why they choose to do things the way they do. These are fantastic indicators for interest (and, they show an eagerness to learn, which is a useful trait to demonstrate).

So, don't be aloof. Don't play it cool. The interview is your chance to show why you'd be the sort of person who would take an active interest in the work they will be doing.