The Big Q: Should a senior-level dev apply for more junior roles right now?Posted almost 4 years ago by Client Server

Q : I'm a senior developer in a role I'm current furloughed from. I'm looking for new opportunities as I don't think my company is going to recall me. I realise the competition for senior roles is very competitive right now, so should I hedge my bets and go for more junior roles?

A : This is a very difficult situation for many developers who've been furloughed or made redundant. The temptation is there to apply for a job because it's a job in the 'right' area. You might have reconciled taking a pay cut and doing work that's less complex than what you were doing before.

But this situation won't last forever. An employer is going to weigh up hiring someone of your seniority against someone with a junior-level of experience. They're going to ask themselves "How long is this person likely to stay in role?" "Are they going to get bored?" "How long will they be happy earning less than they were before?"

While you may think your experience will count in your favour, a company will always balance that against those other factors.

One of the many benefits of working with a recruitment consultancy like Client Server is that we won't present you with roles that aren't suitable for you and your level of experience. There are many companies in the UK and in Europe who are looking to hire senior-level developers - let's talk today about a role that's not a step down, but a step up.

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