Rosie-May Parker: My Client Server StoryPosted over 3 years ago by Client Server

From the age of two, I devoted my life to being a professional dancer. I trained in singing, dancing and acting and made it my mission to join a prestigious theatre art academy at 16.

After graduating from Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts, I started working professionally. I performed in shows, did TV work and film too. I was even lucky enough to take part in competitions in America, which is where I caught the travel bug. Later on, I moved to China to perform in a show that toured various Chinese cities. It was a completely different experience from what I was used to, but I loved every minute of it. I had finally made my dreams come true.

During this time, I did odd jobs here and there. Being a performer isn’t a 24/7 gig. I had one job doing promotional work, handing out samples outside Liverpool Street station and I remember how disheartened it made me feel. I knew I needed a new plan.

I wanted to live in the UK. I wanted to get a house and build for the future. But in order to do that, I needed a stable job. My best friend’s husband owned a recruitment company and said that it was a job I would be great at: I’m bubbly, outgoing and sociable, the base skills needed to succeed in sales. Obviously I didn’t believe him – I knew nothing about recruitment and I had heard so many horror stories that I didn’t think I would fit in. But at this point, I had nothing to lose.

I knew I was the wrong fit for the first recruitment job I interviewed for. But straight afterwards, I had an interview with Client Server and got a totally different vibe. I could actually see myself working there.

When I started, I thought recruitment was just about finding people jobs, but there is so much more to it. There’s always something new to learn. I’ve been with Client Server for nearly four years and training is still a key part of my job. It's something I really like about Client Server; they take time to train you and help you learn the right skills to do your job well. As a result, I’ve noticed my confidence as a person has grown hugely. I knew nothing about recruitment and I’ve worked my way up the ranks to become a Senior Consultant. It’s something I never imagined.

Now my sights are set on becoming a Team Lead. It would be really rewarding to support my team during the good and the bad times that come with recruitment. I also want to promote diversity and inclusion within Client Server, as I know how important it is to our clients. I’ve attended round tables and meet-ups specifically on ways to attract more women into technology and learning about people’s opinions has been really interesting. Technology is a great sector to get into and I want to see more women get into it.

You spend most of your time at work than with your family and friends, so I think it's important that you enjoy your environment and the people you work with, and I really do.