The Big Q: As a woman in tech, how can I overcome imposter syndrome?Posted almost 4 years ago by Client Server

Q : I'm a full stack developer from London who has recently been promoted. It's a really exciting opportunity with a company that is doing some really exciting things in the banking space. Plus, as a woman, the company has a great inclusive culture that is serious about diversity.

But in spite of knowing that I've worked hard and deserve the opportunity to grow, I can't help but face a daily struggle with imposter syndrome. How do I overcome it?

A : Imposter syndrome is a very real thing. Although it can apply to men, women are usually more affected. There are countless examples of women working in tech who continually question their intelligence, skillset and worthiness for the roles they're in - and this feeling is only heightened following a promotion.

There are steps you can take to overcome imposter syndrome. Here are three tips Glenda Brady from Orange Business Services uses to get past it:

  1. Keep a record of all your accomplishments and complimentary comments.
  2. Use more assertive phrases. "Instead of saying 'I feel this is the way forward,' say 'I think this is the way forward'. Remember, you have knowledge and expertise to share," Brady says.
  3. Build a network for your female colleagues to share their experiences. "A couple of words of praise can go a very long way in boosting someone's confidence"