Adam Sutton: My Client Server StoryPosted over 3 years ago by Client Server

It started after I finished university. I was looking for a job online and found an ad for a graduate role at Client Server. I always thought a sales job would suit me as I’d had jobs in telesales and marketing throughout my sixth form studies.

I joined Client Server’s graduate scheme and it was an awesome experience. There were eight of us and we had a steady introduction into the life of work and recruitment. I was surrounded by a bunch of people with a similar mind-set, we had all finished university and was raring to go.

It was fun being newbies for a couple of months and the competition amongst us all was a great practice-run for what was to come. I thought to myself, I could do this for the next couple of years.

Things have changed a lot in the years since I joined, and I was proud to drive one of Client Server’s biggest changes. The company never used to group roles by location. So, I pitched the idea of creating a division that focuses on the tech hubs outside London. We could become specialist in specific locations and dedicate time to our clients outside the M25.  Now, we are a high growth division who brings in a lot of revenue for the business. Last year we brought in close to a million pounds.

We are given a lot of autonomy in how we approach being team leads at Client Server, so it’s nice that we all aren’t the same, but I know there’s a lot I want to improve.

The company continues to grow, which I’m proud of. We’ve been working on our wellbeing policy and I think it’s so important that people feel safe to communicate. Our mental health is the most important thing so the more comfortable we can make people feel can only be a good thing.

As I said, I built a life around Client Server. I met my fiancé Kat here, we bought a place in Esher, I’ve made some really good friends, and now we’ve added to our family as we had our daughter Alba in January.

Life has changed a lot since Alba came along. Through lockdown, I had some welcomed distractions and got to spend more time with her. It was a really nice experience for me which I would’ve missed out on. But it was difficult not seeing my team. I’m lucky that I have conscientious and trustworthy people who get the job done.

I’m proud to say that I work for a company that doesn’t fall into the recruitment stereotype. We invest a lot in our people and that’s great. So give us a try as you won’t find another recruitment company like us.