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Jessica Robinson: My Client Server Story

Posted on 14/10/2020
by Jessica Robinson


My Client Server Story starts when I was nine. One day I became really ill and no one knew why.

At the beginning I came up with a rash. I then lost the ability to be able to sit it up or stand up properly for more than a minute. I had paralysis down one side of my body and my vision was blurred. I was taken out of school due to being in and out of hospital, so having a normal childhood was alien to me.

After nearly ten years I was diagnosed. I had Lymes Disease. An infected Tick had bitten me when I was nine. It was hard to diagnose as everyone’s symptoms differ but a rash is the most common symptom and the number of cases are rising, so more people are aware now.

I started my treatment plan that lasted for a year. Slowly but surely, I began to feel stronger and stronger until I got back to health.

I remember seeing all of my friends posting and talking about university and I felt jealous, I wanted to go too. I decided that day that I wanted to do my A Levels so that I could go to university. I got the syllabus, worked hard, passed my exams and got into Southampton University and had the best time of my life.

I studied Sociology and Criminology because they really interested me (I love a good crime drama). However, I wasn’t thinking ahead. My degree is one of the most unemployable degrees and you have to do a year of frontline policing before you could even think about getting a career out of it. So I thought maybe it’s not for me. But at least one good thing came out of my university experience - I entered a raffle and won flights to Asia! I got to travel for a few months around Indonesia and Bali, which was life changing.

On my return, I started working as a PA to the CEO at a Chinese digital marketing agency. I was really interested in the marketing side but I never really had a chance to get into it. So I moved to another agency where I was working on our TV Licences, which sounds quite boring but it was really fun.

I wanted to explore more and interviewed for an admin role at Client Server. When I left I didn’t know how I had done, but they invited me back to interview for an advertising role that had just come up. At every stage I would say I don’t know anything about technology but they reassured me that I could learn on the job, so I did.

A year later and my knowledge has grown. I’ve been supported immensely by my manager Karen, every question is welcome and nothing is off limits. I’ve been able to develop and mould the role into my own. I really enjoy writing so researching and copywriting has been really fulfilling. I want to progress in advertising and learn more about it and the technology industry. I also want to get more involved in other aspect of the company which would allow me to grow my role and see where it goes.

I never envisioned myself in this environment so I really enjoy the day-to-day life. Everyone gets on with each other and I feel like everyone enjoys what they’re doing. I’m so grateful that I avoided the negative narrative when I was ill. Nothing is worth giving up on any aspect of your life and I’m proud that I was strong enough and resilient enough in the face of adversity. I still have a lot to learn but I’m embracing every moment.

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