The Big Q: I got fired from my last job - should I lie about it during an interview?Posted over 3 years ago by Client Server

Q : I'm a full-stack developer who's in a bit of a bind. I was recently let go from my job for a series of stupid comments I made on LinkedIn. My former company saw it as a violation of their social media policy and I was subsequently let go.

I've started applying for roles and I've been asked to the first round of interviews with a couple of exciting companies. But I'm worried about what to say when they inevitably ask about why I left my last job.

Should I make something up or hope they don't mention it?

A : There's no way around this one. You've got to be completely upfront and honest about your dismissal. Your future employer will eventually catch wind of it through things like reference checks or even word of mouth. You'll only complicate things more by trying to tiptoe around it.

Instead, use it as an example of learning and growth. A simple answer could look like this:

"A silly comment I made on one of my online profiles got out of hand. The comment listed my previous employer, who felt it violated their social media policy. They made the call to let me go as a consequence. I've taken steps to audit my social media presence to ensure this doesn't happen again."

You're acknowledging the dismissal upfront and talking about steps you've made to ensure you don't make the same mistake again. That demonstrates maturity and willingness to learn and grow.

Your Client Server consultant will be able to help you prepare for these kinds of questions. They will also be able to brief companies ahead of time about your situation so there are no surprises at the interview stage.

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