Lockdown round two? Client Server is ready for itPosted over 3 years ago by Nick Boulton

Oh Boris, you had an opportunity of Churchillian proportions to be etched into our history books as the leader who LED this country out of COVID, out of the EU and back onto the world stage as a genuine world leader. It was a chance to – as much as it pains me to say it – “Make Britain Great Again”. Much like your hair, you flopped.

I’m not one for politics or bashing a man while he’s down, but I do feel like Bojo has lost his mojo.

Watching him stutter through his press conferences flanked by Whitty and Vallance, both as uninspiring as each other, and frankly not filling me with any kind of confidence. Especially seeing the decisions they are making are devastating the economy, dividing the nation and scaring its citizens, potentially permanently.

It raises the question: Would this reckless and un-strategic behavior hold water in the private sector? Or would Boris and friends be put on performance management?

I’ve always thought that successful businesses have one thing in common: pragmatism. Amid economic and political minefields, companies find a way to adapt, recalibrate and grow. Yes, there’s an element of luck involved, but businesses make their own luck as well.

At Client Server, we weathered the first lockdown storm with characteristic grit and determination. I’m proud of the way our team adapted to ‘the new normal’. Back in January, we had zero capacity for working from home. None. Within the space of a fortnight, we had our entire company equipped to perform their jobs from anywhere.

And through the Spring and Summer, like all businesses, we did it tough. We watched as live jobs crumbled and many ambitious companies put up “Not Hiring!” signs in their windows. Many of our competitors closed doors. But we’re still here.

I’m proud of the fact that we haven’t made a single person redundant in 2020, and I’m proud of the way our team stepped up.

Many of our consultants are over their yearly targets; our admin team continue to find new and efficient ways to improving productivity; and our advertising and marketing teams have given us an incredible platform to bounce back.

We continue to do what we do best: find exceptional candidates for exceptional organisations.

We’ve been pragmatic, we’re rolling with the punches, and we are striving. Ours is a good company. No, scratch that. Ours is a great company. And we will come out of this clusterf*ck better than before.

As the political classes flail their limbs and dither about, we’ll be getting on with the business of getting on with business.