No end of year slow down for tech recruitmentPosted over 3 years ago by Nick Boulton

Can you believe it, just over six weeks until Christmas, where has this year gone?

It seems in the blink of an eye 2020 has evaporated. With so much happening and such impacting events, you could have almost missed the fact the year is nearly over.

But not just yet…

We still have the small matter of November to deal with, and it’s definitely not the normal lead into Christmas. Traditionally, recruiters would be booking in their client Christmas lunches, making sure the company credit card is buffed and ready for a good pasting. Dusting off their shiny, greyest of suits and fumbling through the draw for the skinniest of black ties, comfortable in the knowledge their work is pretty much done for the year.

But this November, it’s a different tune. Businesses who have spent the vast majority of 2020 in paralysis have greased up those hiring hips and are starting to boogie.

Despite the added barriers a second lockdown has added (and buoyed by the announcement of Pfizer this week), technology recruitment is picking up. It’s never been a better time to talk to clients about who they are looking to hire before the end of the year as they are hungry for talent.

Traditionally, you would see the peak of hiring season over April-September, but this year we are seeing demand increasing towards the back end of the year. In what notoriously would have been a slow end to Q4, hiring managers having spent budgets and conversation learning more towards “next year’s hiring”, clients are actually trying to get those hires across the line before the end of the year.

Now is a great time to be hiring. The market is stacked full of top talent and it’s even more important to have a great relationship with your clients, one they can rely on, and trust you will deliver.

If you’re a recruiter, why not fill those Christmas stockings while you can?

They key is being proactive on all fronts: Pick up the phone to all your clients - old, new, ones who have not been hiring all year, ones who have – and check back with them.

I laugh in the face of lockdown 2.0 – You don’t scare me this time my friend. In fact, I think the resilience the market has built up is creating a “herd immunity” to the technological economy. People are tired of sitting at home and not making things happen.

Everyone at Client Server is in a positive frame of mind, we are in sales after all! Frankly, we like nothing better than a challenge with a chunky pay-cheque at the end of that recruitment rainbow.

So get out there and make it happen while you still have time. Don’t be one of those people wishing the rest of the year away, banking on 2021 being better – take advantage now, end the year well and celebrate Christmas happy in the knowledge you have made a difference to peoples’ lives by finding them that next great opportunity.