The Big Q: I got rejected from a job a recruiter put me forward for. Is that the end of it?Posted over 3 years ago by Client Server

Q : I'm a full-stack developer who's been put forward for jobs by a recruiter. I made it through to the final stage of a really cool role, but the company went with someone else. I was actually surprised a recruiter found a job that suited me so well. But since I didn't get an offer, will they want to keep in touch?

A : The good news is that if you made it through to the final stage of an interview process, you're not a million miles away from finding a new job. While it can be frustrating to go back to square one and start an application from scratch, this is where working with a recruiter can really help.

A good recruiter-candidate relationship is like any good business relationship. It doesn't stop as soon as you find a job (or even get rejected from one). Ideally, your recruiter will keep in contact with you, seeing how your work life is going, and acting as your eyes and ears for what's happening in the jobs market.

Even after you've found a role, they'll want to keep in touch. It might only be every six months or so, but it never hurts having a job expert checking in.

So, even though you didn't get an offer this time, give your recruiter a call and get the ball rolling again.