The jobs market isn't waiting for 2021, and neither should youPosted over 3 years ago by Nick Boulton

One of the most common questions we’ve been hearing from candidates has been “Is it worth applying for jobs in December?”

I get the hesitation – but right now is possibly one of the most interesting times to be looking. There is a plethora of opportunity on the market at the moment and here’s why I think it’s a great time to be on the lookout:

As we enter the festive season, a time of year where traditionally recruitment would have started to wind down, we’re seeing the opposite.

Client diaries would normally be filled with Christmas lunches, talk of “next year’s” budgets, hiring plans, strategies or targets would be commonplace.

Hiring decisions would be getting bumped to the following year and recruitment consultants *fat* from gorging themselves on a glutinous year of commission, would be slumped in their office chairs rubbing their ever-expanding bellies as their self-induced food coma sets in…

But not this year!

Instead of Christmas lunches filling client diaries, they are now jam-packed with interviews, offers, hiring briefings, new projects, and onboarding meetings.

Recruitment consultants are lean, mean and hungry for success. I have never started a December with so much “recruitment activity” bubbling away and there are no signs this is going to slow up over Christmas.

In the last three working days, we have onboarded four new clients, with no fewer than 14 roles between them. Quite some turnaround from March.

But there is something to be wary of. With 2020 being such a terrible year, everyone is wishing it away and focusing on a fresh start for 2021. That may be true, but why start the process of ‘looking’ for a new role in 2021 with the rest of the hordes? Why not start that process now, when people are hungry to hire the top talent, have time to interview and you are a hot commodity?

And this isn’t just my view, it seems most of our clients share the same opinion. The common view is why wait until next year when the entire technology world is hiring now ? Let’s steal a march on our competitors and hire now, we have the time, bandwidth, the capacity and the resilience to hire people now, meaning we are ready to hit the ground running in 2021.

To coin a familiar phrase: “Carpe diem” seize the day.

There has never been a better time to apply for a new position. The likely hood is you have the time to interview, you are just delaying the decision. Why not give us a call for a chat or apply via our website ?