Happy New Tier? Why Client Server is excited about 2021Posted over 3 years ago by Nick Boulton

Despite Boris plunging us into lockdown 3.0, sending the country into even more misery and despair, I’m still optimistic for 2021.

After nearly 11 months, it’s safe to say that we know what to expect and how to deal with this. But like many, I feel the frustration of being isolated and locked down slowly taking its toll. On the other hand, we’ve been given an opportunity to make a positive change in our lives. This could be the year that we can finally say that we made our New Year’s resolutions happen.

While outside is dark, grey and miserable, that doesn’t need to reflect our moods. Now we can really dig in, with no distractions and prove that WFH is as productive, and in fact, produce even better results for businesses.

Why the optimism? Three big reasons.

  1. Our People - Having seen us weather the most turbulent storm in Client Server’s history, I’m buoyed by the people we employ and the desire they have to succeed. They have stuck to their guns in what was has been a shocking year and I know that their hard work and efforts will reap the rewards they deserve
  2. Our Clients – Most businesses spent 2020 furloughing, making redundancies, having internal reshuffles and trying to make the most out of the increased productivity of their technical teams working remotely. Any new hires were direct or from recommendations, but these avenues are now exhausted. This year will wait for no one and even in the first few days of being back at work, the vast majority of our clients are eager to hire.
  3. Our Candidates – We have more than 500,000 pre-screened candidates on our database and that number is rapidly growing. Having strong candidate relationships is essential for 2021, especially as talent shortages will start to develop this year. That means high-quality candidates will be hot property. Therefore, providing a valuable, informative service to them will be key.

But above all, I’m genuinely excited about watching Client Server develop as a business.

We have the strongest management and senior employees ever. They own their part of our business and really make an impact, not only from a revenue generation standpoint but from a growth and development aspect too. More importantly, they’re embedded across each area of our business enabling them to have the ability and opportunity to take Client Server to the next level.

I get the feeling that 2021 is going to be a good year for us all.