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The Big Q: Can I put a 'senior' title on my CV, even if it wasn't my official title?

Posted on 12/01/2021
by Client Server


Question: I've been working in my current role for three years, but I've decided to make good on my New Year's resolution and find a new job. 

Although I'm considered the most senior developer in my team - and often deputise for the team lead - I've kept the same job title since I started. 

I'm worried that when applying for jobs, hiring managers will discount me for senior-level roles because I never had that title. 

So, should I list my title as 'senior developer' on my CV anyway? 

AnswerYour job title is one of many things both recruiters and employers look at when they consider a CV. While it can be a useful indicator of your experience, that's all it is -  an indicator. 

Rather than plump-up your CV with false job titles, dive deep into the work instead. Explain the difference you made at your job, the projects you led on and your achievements. 

It will become evident to any tech recruiter or hiring manager that you were operating at a senior level because the nature of the work will speak for itself.

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