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The Big Q: How important are the requirements on a job ad?

Posted on 19/01/2021
by Client Server


Q: I'm a new developer trying to find his first full-time job, but I keep getting put off by the long list of requirements on entry-level jobs. It feels like I'm not qualified for anything! What should I do? 

A: The thing to remember from the get-go is that job requirement lists are wishlists. You will never find a job which you satisfy 100% of the requirements for. Hiring managers aren't going to reject candidates who don't fit 100% of the requirements - they'd never hire anyone! 

Every company has a set of frameworks and tools they use. When they work with a recruitment partner, like Client Server, they will insist those things are included in any job ads they write. 

For entry-level positions, companies aren't too hung up on what set of tools you know how to use. They want a sense of the projects you've worked on (even personal ones), your programming ability, and your willingness to learn. 

As long as you have a programming language related to the job listing and relevant projects, you have enough to apply. A React developer may need time to get up to speed on an Angular project, but companies factor that learning curve into each new hire.  

Finally, this is why working with a recruitment partner will save you time and energy at the application stage. Every candidate who applies for a role through Client Server is interviewed and tech-tested by one of our recruitment consultants. They'll dive deep into your skills, abilities and only present jobs that suit your requirements. 

Even if there isn't a job that suits you now, register as a candidate today. One of our consultants will be in touch for a chat. 

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