Big changes at Client Server for the 2021-22 Financial YearPosted about 3 years ago by Nick Boulton

Plenty of commentators said the economic recovery from COVID would be ‘U’ shaped. I’ve always thought recruitment’s bounce would be more like a ‘V – sharp and fast. And that’s proven true: March and April have seen a real surge in hiring activity in the tech market and the prospects are looking very appealing for 2021.

I predicted last year that two things would define 2021:

  1. A massive boom for recruitment
  2. A huge shortage of talent and a war on hiring

Both have begun in earnest. These trends will create a serious opportunity for hungry, driven, recruiters who have the skill, passion and desire to deliver big and make a name for themselves.

At Client Server, we made the decision back in August last year to start hiring. We wanted to get ahead and needed consultants to be up and firing on all cylinders by the time the market picked up again.

To say there were a few raised eyebrows and concerns internally would be an understatement. At every company Q&A, I was asked why we were hiring when we were in such a precarious position and all our competitors were making redundancies and putting people on furlough? A valid question, but truth be told, I wish we had hired triple the number and not been so cautious!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in 16 years of recruitment, never take a backward step, I’m mildly irritated at not backing myself.

That said, Client Server is in a great place and are eager to join the tech sector in moving forward. We have made a few changes I think will have a huge impact on our sales team, our business and our ability to hire and retain the best talent.

  • Our sales year will now match our financial year.

Up until this year, our sales year ran from January to December. But we’ve made the call to run it alongside our financial year, i.e. 1 May to 30 April. There are three big reasons for this:

  • It gives a better reflection of true profitably for each team.
  • December and January are notoriously slow months. But now they fall slap bang in the middle of Q3 –  and you don’t want to let your sales year slip away in Q3
  • We are massively pushing the chance to earn shares in the business and be part of our journey. With a perfectly aligned sales and financial year, you can really show the impact and contribution of individuals.

  • We are relaunching our Grad/Trainee Scheme

Our Grad Scheme was hugely successful in previous years. It was a breeding pool for many of our most successful Team Leads and consultants. We had moved away from this model and focused more on people with experience, but we are going to do both moving forwards.

  • An exciting new commission structure

This for me is a really exciting change. After a spate of leavers in Q1 this year, something I’ve been really disappointed with.  So, we thought “How do we really get people back to thinking about doing deals and making sales?” Well, it’s simple, make a better commission scheme!

With 30% headline uncapped commission and more jobs than we could possibly have dreamt of, I’m looking forward to the hustle and bustle of people returning to the sales floor and celebrating each others’ success.

I think 2021 could be a massive year for us and I’m genuinely excited about seeing everyone returning to the office and have our atmosphere back. If you are looking for a job in recruitment get in touch as we are hiring massively and it couldn’t be a better time to join.