The Big Q: How can I interview for a job without my current boss getting suspicious?Posted about 3 years ago by Client Server

Q : I'm a Python Software Engineer in the middle of a job search. I'm working remotely, which has been great for arranging job interviews as I can do them by video. But I'm expected to be available for work calls and meetings too. I don't want to raise suspicions with my current employer, so how can I interview for other jobs without them finding out?

A : This is tricky and something everyone interviewing for jobs has to grapple with. While working from home has removed the need to fake an appointment or call in sick, many in tech are still expected to take a call or answer a Slack message when it comes through.

Potential employers are pragmatic. They know that work-life doesn't stop just because someone is working from home. It's completely fair for you to ask if the interview can take place outside work hours (first thing in the morning, over your lunch break, or in the evening).

But given that many tech interviews can take a couple of hours, you may need to exercise discretion.

Because each situation is different, the best thing to do is to tell your recruiter about your situation. They will be able to advise you on the best approach, and more importantly, they can liaise with the potential employer on your behalf so there are no surprises.

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