What type of recruitment job is right for you?Posted about 3 years ago by Nick Boulton

We are at the beginning of a new exciting chapter. Having weathered the storms of 2020 as well as we could have hoped, we are still here and fighting fit. I feel we have come out of it stronger and more determined. In fact, I’m actually enthused by what the future has in store.

I know that alone won’t inspire you to join us. It’s hardly a Churchill-style call to arms, but I’m highlighting our resilience. In what still is a hugely uncertain time, people want reliability, stability, and opportunity. We have those in abundance.

It really is an interesting time to be in the recruitment industry, particularly the technology sector. Literally, every single company is hiring. Whether you offer an RPO, an MS, a flexible hybrid model, or do traditional contingent recruitment, the volume of technology clients looking to hire has never been stronger. Hence the high demand for recruitment consultants.

So, if you’re looking for a recruitment job, what are your options?

Internal Recruitment (Work direct for the client):

Great to feel part of a team and technology company as they grow, you are responsible for all hires and deal direct with the technology team. You feel part of that business and form a close relationship with the technology team(s). Approaching potential candidates is very easy as you are not doing it on behalf of a client, meaning people are far more amenable to a conversation. Usually higher base salaries than traditional commission-led recruitment, but earnings are limited as is career path and progression. Generally no real targets or KPIs

RPO or Managed Service (MS model) (Work “on-site” for the client):

Working directly with the client, you are dropped on-site and are responsible for that particular client’s hiring. Working directly with the technology team and for all intents and purposes your “external” profile looks like you are employed by said client, this does make approaching people easier. The modern businesses offering this service tend to pitch themselves as the “tradition breakers of recruitment” claiming, lower fees, no more BD calls, and often call themselves “non-recruitment” agencies.

The reality is, more than 90% of companies will still use an external recruitment company, and most will be left with the hardest, most important tech jobs still unfilled.

The RPO model is great for recruiters who have had enough of the more sales-driven environment of an agency. Base salaries are higher than agencies, sometimes with small bonuses based on success, but limited earning, and hard to progress when you are onsite without mentors or managers. I can’t help but feel you’re still doing the same agency recruitment job but just without the uncapped commission opportunity…

Traditional recruitment (Recruitment consultant at an agency like Client Server):

I’m not going to sugar coat it – generally KPI and target-driven, you are working in a proper sales environment so don’t expect anything else. If you are work-shy or not massively motivated to succeed, no need to apply.

BUT, if you join the right one, you will get massive, uncapped earning potential (although lower basics, than the first two), career progression and opportunity unrivaled, and a variety of clients and businesses to hire for. You will be with like-minded people wanting to earn money and be successful. It’s certainly not for everyone but offers huge rewards for those willing to put the effort in.

So, I still hear you saying, “Why Client Server?”

I’m not intentionally dodging the question, I’m trying to give perspective about what is a wide-ranging choice of career opportunity when entering the recruitment job market.

After more than 21 years in business, having weathered four recessions, multiple technology booms, hiring slumps, a company restructuring, opening multiple offices in multiple countries, Client Server has EXPERIENCE and are @#&$ing good at what we do. :)

We’ve tried every model, we’ve seen all “new models”, and we’ve seen competitors come and go, we’ve been the target of acquisitions and we have navigated the ebbs and flows of growing a business.

Why I think we are a good bet is we have adapted. We have never stood still, we have always looked to improve, we have changed commission structure five times (all in favour of our employees), we have moved to a hybrid WFH model, something unthinkable only 12 months ago. Plus, we have the best systems, we are target-driven but have a consultancy approach.

Call me biased, but we strike the perfect balance of driven, career focus opportunity with exceptional rewards but cultural employee-focused growth and strategy.

We have multiple vacancies for experienced recruiters and are scheduling two trainee schemes this year, one in June and one in August.

If this sounds interesting to you, get in touch – join us on the next chapter of our journey.

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