Why you should be avoiding complacency while in this current tech market boomPosted over 2 years ago by Nick Boulton

With the tech job market on an intense growth, are you taking advantage of the potential growth for yourself as a recruiter? Client Server Director Nick Boulton goes in-depth on why this market is insane, and the importance of not letting this slide.

Take advantage of this crazy market while you can!

I don’t think I have ever seen or experienced a market boom like this, just the sheer appetite and speed of hiring.

It has made for some challenges but also provided one of the largest opportunities in recruitment. We are witnessing sale records tumble, new levels of job vacancies, the highest number of job offers ever seen, and there is no sign of it letting up anytime soon.

Every day I get asked why I think the market is this crazy, and the answer is simple.

In the first six months of the pandemic, we experienced a slow burn in technology growth, but now everyone is trying to play catch-up.

You can’t afford to sit still in the technology world. Businesses are now seeing their tech teams work at home more efficiently than when they were in the office, and productivity is soaring, something I don’t imagine any of them expected. Now they can focus on producing the next iteration of that product, the next innovative idea, or the next big thing in technology.

What does that mean for the tech recruitment world? Well, you need to make hay while the sun shines!

As I mentioned earlier, I have never seen a market as busy or with as many opportunities for a recruiter to be successful in. The common mistake I see is that while an average recruiter can do well in this market, the best ones don’t take full advantage of the situation.

The key is to recognise what market we are in, understand it won’t last forever, and then have the discipline to capitalise.

As an old dog in this industry, I had the unfortunate pleasure of going through four recessions, but it shortly led to four market booms. But the market booms tend to be short-lived.

Contrary to popular belief, recruitment is tough. You can’t just write your own pay cheques. You have to be motivated, resilient, and above all, disciplined. The best recruiters live by these three rules and have habituated it into their daily routine. They will consistently bill in good, bad, and indifferent markets, led by example, NEVER make excuses, or bleat about how unlucky they are.

Watch those recruiters like a hawk in the buoyant times as they go into another gear! You don’t see them celebrating their 2nd or 3rd deal of the month by popping off early to the pub for a few extra pints or taking that extra-long lunch break, it is quite the opposite. They immediately recognise what’s in front of them, then quietly (sometimes not so quietly) go about their business. They have CVs fly out the door, interviews booked, candidates closed, referrals, leads, clients… Do you get my drift? They are non-stop deal machines.

Sound hard?

Yup, it's f&@£ing hard, so don’t kid yourself, presuming it's anything less! But nothing will give you more satisfaction, better rewards, or more financial freedom than being able to say you earned it yourself.

That ladies and gentlemen is the opportunity we have right now. But how long will it last? Who knows?

So don’t be a passenger, and look back in 6-12 months saying, "if only I had worked harder and put in a little more effort."

There is a unique opportunity at the moment, one that does not come around too often, where you will place candidates in life-changing jobs and help grow, shape and mould the "Unicorns" of the future.

With this in mind, it's an excellent time to be in the tech recruitment industry. By putting in the hours, graft, and hard work, you will be rewarded.